AI that truly understands video

The first intelligent cloud video platform. Our AI can be taught to look for specifics like people, object and motion in the video and learn from it.
Trained AI models can then be used to query any video for insights.

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Sports Analytics

Our Premier League API recognizes the top 200 soccer players across 20 EPL teams with high accuracy.
Try it out! Track players and brands and get live stats and predictive analytics over live game feeds.

Coming soon AFL, NRL and Cricket APIs!


Trained to recognize celebrities from the top 50 TV shows.

Environmental Research

Remote and protected site video surveillance analysis -including fauna and flora observation and assessment. Learn More about our ocean conservation project.


Time sensitive analysis of video from multiple devices and locations can save lives and assets.
Deep learning combined with real-time recognition from people to organic objects is our unique differentiator.

Making sense of every frame.

Flixsense is creating smarter ways to experience digital, today context is equally important as content itself. Connecting with viewers can drive more engagement, but personalisation is key. From entertainment to gaming and security to health, Flixsense is developing deep industry value propositions.

  • Lightning fast and accurate

    Patent pending technology utilising state of the art hardware for swift AI models and video analysis.

  • Built for Scale

    Flixsense algorithms runs on latest GPU servers, and is designed to scale seamlessly and on demand.

  • Ever learning

    Our AI models are always learning, the more videos we add, smarter it becomes.

  • Player SDK and plugins

    Our custom player SDK has integrated AI models for fast response times, API's can be plugged into all major OVS platforms and mobile apps for vision intelligence and deeper insights.

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