AI that truly understands sports

Flixsense AI provides instant match footage analysis to bring key events and insights to world's best coaches and teams.

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Our Premier League API recognizes the top 200 soccer players across 20 EPL teams with high accuracy.
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Track every aspect of the game from videos, like goals, assists, player tracking, passing patterns, ball possession, transitions, free kicks, corner kicks and fouls.


Our Cricket API does accurate ball tracking, batting stroke analysis and player tracking.

Making sense of every frame.

Flixsense AI learns to recognize people, action and objects from videos. Utilizing intelligent deep learning algorithms to track players and actions from match footage to bring you clear consise actionable insights which will win you more games.

Identify key events from match instantly, know your competitions every move before they make it.

  • Lightning fast and accurate

    Patent pending technology utilising state of the art hardware for swift AI models and video analysis.

  • Built for Scale

    Flixsense algorithms runs on latest GPU servers, and is designed to scale seamlessly and on demand.

  • Ever learning

    Our AI models are always learning, the more videos we add, smarter it becomes.

  • Player SDK and plugins

    Our custom player SDK has integrated AI models for fast response times, API's can be plugged into all major OVS platforms and mobile apps for vision intelligence and deeper insights.

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